About Crumb n get it

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My name is Andi and I am the chief cookie architect. For many years I had wanted to start a cookie business. I have enjoyed making custom-themed cookies for my own kids' parties and for the special events of close friends. Finally, after a lot of encouragement and prompting from my family, I ventured off in 2014 to make my creative passion something that I can now share with you. 

I call myself a cookie architect, because that's exactly what I do. In many cases, I have to think about the shapes, accents and decorations that will bring a client's vision to life. Often, I actually bend the steel to get just the right size and shape for the cookie I've created in my mind and then go to work in the kitchen banging up new ideas that are just right for you. 

I specialize in one type of cookie. It's my classic sugar cookie, and clients have offered to become part of the family to snag the recipe!
You can choose to purchase individual cookies or a customized cookie bouquet. 

Where I get to go crazy is in the molding and decorating of your custom cookies. So if you've got an exciting theme and you're looking to have a custom treat that will have everyone talking at your upcoming celebration... well, Crumb N Get It!

Pricing and such


These are custom cookies, so pricing is, well, custom. But here are some pricing guidelines to consider:

Medium-sized cookies start at
$20 per dozen (dozen minimum)

Larger cookies start at $24 per
dozen (dozen minimum)

Cookie bouquets start at $25

Delivery fees will apply: between
$5 and $15 depending on location. You can always pick up your cookies for free. 

​At this time, Crumb N Get It is not shipping, but is exploring options to better serve you.